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Liberty Brokers Corp Explains RV Insurance

Your motorhome provides you a certain level of freedom to travel and enjoy the country. You can drive right out of New York to any other state, or Canada or Mexico. However, like your automobile, your RV requires insurance. Liberty Brokers Corp. of New York wants you to understand the state insurance requirements, so you can enjoy your RV without getting a ticket.

Your RV, if it qualifies as a Class A or B motorhome, requires the same minimum insurance as your vehicle does in the state of New York. You’ll still need to provide legal proof of liability and property damage insurance.

If you park your RV at a campground for storage or permanent use, you’ll also need to meet their insurance requirements. Your bank or credit union will also require insurance if you financed your motorhome. Each of these institutions will vary in their insurance requirements, and you must meet the highest level of coverage needed. Both the RV campgrounds and bank or credit union will require higher insurance than the state minimums. If you are financing your RV, you will need to name your financial institution as a lienholder on the policy which designates the bank as co-payee on any loss compensation.

Perhaps you want to rent an RV to take a trip. You’ll still need to obtain insurance to cover it. Just like renting a car, the rental agency will require a copy of your existing liability and property damage insurance. The rental agency may require you to carry full coverage.

Whether you own it or rent it, carrying full coverage on your RV makes good sense. That ensures that in the case of an accident that totaled your motorhome, insurance would cover its replacement. Plus, the medical bills of you and the other individuals involved as well as damage to their involved property.

Let Liberty Brokers Corp. of New York help you with RV insurance. Contact us today to keep your investment safe.

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